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For DetectorPack 3.4.0, it is recommended to perform a clean installation only.

If a previous version of DetectorPack is installed on the computer, uninstall it.

Then, see the list of DetectorPack 3.4.0 software packages and install those that include the detection tools created and used in the system.

New detection tools based on neural networks: 

  1. Neural Tracker: detects only the necessary objects 
  2. Pose detection tool: a neural network determines the skeleton of each person and detects specific human poses that may represent a security threat 
  3. Neural Counter: counts the objects in a given area using a neural network 
  4. Neural Network Filter for Object Tracker and Neural Tracker: processes the results of the tracker and filters out false alarms on complex video images (foliage, glare, etc.) 

Added the hardware acceleration support for neural network detection tools using the Intel hardware (Neural Stick, HDDL, Intel HD).

Added the hardware acceleration support for neural network detection tools using the NVidia hardware.

New detection tools: 

  1. Masks detection.
  2. Water level detection 
  3. Automatic number plate recognition (RR) 

Other improvements: 

The DetectorPack 3.4.0 is divided into several software packages:

  1. The core DetectorPack contains the following set of detection tools:
    1. Object tracker (the “NeuroPack” package is necessary for the neural network filter operation).
    2. Water Level Detection.
    3. Retail Analytics.
    4. Core video detection tools.
    5. Core audio detection tools. 
  2. The NeuroPack contains the following set of detection tools: 
    1.  Pose detection tools: 
      1.  Sitting person detection.
      2.  Man down detection.
      3.  Hands up detection.
      4.  Active shooter detection.
      5. People counter.
    2. Neural Counter.
    3. Smoke detection tool. 
    4. Fire detection tool. 
    5. Neural counter.
  3. The FaceRcognition package contains the Face detection tool and its child detection tools: Appearance in area, Loitering in area, Masks detection.
  4. The LprPackVT package contains the License plate recognition (VT).
  5. The LprPackIV package contains the License plate recognition (IV).
  6. The LprPackRR package contains the License plate recognition (RR).