Additional Intellect software utilities are separate software applications intended to perform additional operations when setting up and working with Intellect software. This document describes the following utilities:

  1. The utility for reading video capture card code and dongle
  2. Converter.exe utility for converting video and audio archives
  3. Tweaki.exe utility for advanced setup of the Intellect software system
  4. The utility for collecting configuration data on servers and RWS for the Technical Support
  5. The Fps.exe utility for productivity estimation
  6. The SignCheck.exe utility for checking the authenticity of exported frames and video recordings
  7. The Convert.exe utility for correcting modification dates of video archives
  8. The ddi.exe utility for editing database templates and external settings files
  9. The Arpedit.exe utility for creating user dialog windows
  10. The idb.exe utility for converting databases, selecting database templates and making backup copies of databases
  11. The HubSearch.exe utility for searching IP-devices
  12. The MatrixCodeReader.exe utility
  13. The Boards.exe utility
  14. Configuration check tool
  15. Index.exe utility for reindexing archive files
  16. The shedule.exe utility for creating a replication query file
  17. The Axxon Player utility for viewing and converting the video archive
  18. The Cam_title_updater.exe utility to convert titles database