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Purpose of the Document

This document, titled User guide contains the information necessary for building, implementing, and operating a security system based on Axxon Next.
The structure of this document enables the user to get acquainted with the software package and then, depending on the user's level of training, choose sections of interest for more detailed study. The chapters in this guide, whether they are informative or serve as a reference, have their own internal structure.
The chapters Introduction and Description of the Software Package are intended to generally acquaint the user with the technical features and functionality of the Axxon Next software package, as well as with the key stages of building a security system based on the software package.
Recommendations to the user/administrator for installing the software and configuring equipment are presented in detail in the chapter Installing the Axxon Next Software Package. The chapter Licensing of the software product contains instructions on how to register a license to use the Axxon Next software package..
Startup and shutdown of the software package are described in the chapter Launching and Closing the Axxon Next Software Package.
The chapter Configuration of the Axxon Next Software Package presents step-by-step instructions on configuring user-specific settings and activating the required functionality. This information is useful for system administrators as well as for operators with permissions to manage system settings.
Recommendations on configuring the user interface, working in various video surveillance modes, and utilizing the functional capabilities of the Axxon Next software package are presented in chapter Working with the Axxon Next Software Package.
Chapter Description of utilities contains a description of additional software utilities employed when working with the software package.
The Appendices contains a glossary of the product's basic terms and definitions. It also lists all known issues that you may encounter while using Axxon Next.

Purpose and functionality of Axxon Next 

The Axxon Next software package is a next-generation open-platform video management software (VMS). Security systems based on Axxon Next range from home security systems (for an apartment or house) to professional large-scale distributed security systems for small and mid-size businesses (hotels, automotive service centers, shops, parking structures, etc.).
Video and audio surveillance of guarded locations, video analysis, and rapid response to suspicious situations without operator involvement, and storage and export of obtained data are just a few of Axxon Next's many functions.
The Axxon Next software package enables the user to accomplish a wide spectrum of tasks, as it works both with digital equipment and with analog video cameras (through video capture cards), and also makes it possible to create a hybrid security system containing both kinds of equipment.

The modern and constantly expanding feature set of Axxon Next allows implementing new video surveillance functionality that increases the convenience and precision of protection at end-user sites.