Purpose of INTELLECT™ software

INTELLECT™ software is designed for the deployment of industrial scalable, flexible (adjustable) integrated security systems, based on the digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems.

INTELLECT™ software has the following basic features:

  1. Integration of digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems with the existing data systems, various security equipment, third-party software, using integrated open interfaces of the data exchange.
  2. Compatibility with diverse security devices and data systems, in particular, with the fire and security alarm and access control systems, video surveillance cameras, data analysis systems and systems for recognition of objects (events) and identification by their images.
  3. Single-source registration and processing of events, generation of notifications and controlling response in compliance with the flexibly modified logics.
  4. Ultimately unlimited capabilities for scaling, solution — specific adjustments, re-distribution of resources with changes in the number or quality of tasks in monitoring guarded locations and operating various equipment.

Setting logical interactions between objects in Intellect

Intellect capabilities are based on logical interactions between objects. General information on ways of setting logical interactions are represented in the table:

Method of setting logical interaction




Setting panels of system objects

Base configuration of interaction between system objects

Implemented using functionality of system objects – see Administartor's Guide

Configuring video displaying in the Monitor box


Configuration of simple interactions between objects if their functionality can not perform the required actions.

Implemented using the Macro object – see Administrator's Guide

Enabling actuator (relay) when sensor is closed


Configuration of complex interactions between objects if functionality of the Macro object cannot perform the required actions.

Implemented using the Program object as the code in the embedded programming language – see this guide.

Reset PTZ cameras and snapshot every 15 minutes


Implemented using the Script object as JScript code – see Programming Guide (JScript)

Purpose and structure of the guide

Programming Guide is a reference and information handbook on programming in embedded Intellect software language, which is designed for system administrators, installation and configuration technicians, users with administrator rights to the digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems, developed on the basis of INTELLECT™ software.

Programming in INTELLECT™ enables automatic system control by setting up complex logical interactions between objects.

The guide contains the information on:

  1. Programming tools;
  2. Description of embedded programming language syntax;
  3. Examples of programs in the embedded language.