When the INTELLECT ™ software is started with the key and exceeded object limit, there is the message with the name of object because of which the limit is exceeded and the number of objects "created / permitted". The internal ID of the object type in the license key is shown in square brackets..

In this case to start the INTELLECT ™ software operation, do the following:

  1. Forward the intellect.sec key from the INTELLECT directory to another folder, e.g. “D:\Temp”.
  2. Run the INTELLECT ™ software in a demo mode.
  3. Remove a redundant object.
  4. Shutdown the INTELLECT ™ software.
  5. Restore the key from the “D:\Temp” folder to the INTELLECT installation directory.
  6. Start the INTELLECT ™ software.

If you try to add an object that is not provided by the key, there will be the message that current system configuration does not allow more than 1 object of this type.

Moreover time of action of certain objects can be set in the intellect.sec license key. If the action of the objects expired, Intellect starts as usual, but the expired object is colored red in the hardware tree, and the INVALID_OBJECT_TIME event from this object comes to the Debug window.

After the expiration of the object, it is impossible to use it in Intellect: it continues to be displayed in the object tree, but events are not received from it and it does not respond. Other modules cannot communicate with an expired object.

To resume work use of an expired object, connect ITV|AxxonSoft Manager in order to update the intellect.sec license key. If the object is no longer required, it can be deleted (see Deleting).

The time of action of the object can not be longer than the validity of the temporary key.