In general the Agent of Control is considered not to have the same core with the Server of Control.

It is possible to configure sending messages to Agent of Control when the operator confirms an alarm on the Server of Control. The Agent of Control then sends these messages to Intellect core. Two types of confirmation are available: simple and complex. The confirmation type is selected when configuring alarm transmission to the Server of Control (see Configuring alarm groups section).

When the confirmation is sent, the Server of Control waits for the confirmation from the Agent of Control that the message has been sent to Intellect core. If this message is not received, then confirmation packets are sent every 5 minutes. 

See also Sample scripts for processing alarm confirmations section.

Disable sending confirmations of alarm acceptance as follows:

  1. Go to the settings panel of the Server of Control object.
  2. Clear the Transfer info about accepted alarms to Agent of Control check box.
  3. Click the Apply button.

The Transfer info about accepted alarms to Agent of Control function is now disabled.