The Search in archive component allows you to request small video clips from an object. For that, follow these steps:

  1. Search by titles or clips as described above.
  2. The search results are shown as a list of entries. Right click on the required entry. A context menu opens. The menu has two items: Video request and Frame request.
  3. Select the Video request menu item. A dialog form for the request opens. There is another way to open this form: Select an entry from the list and click Video.
  4. The Date and time and Camera fields are filled in automatically.
  5. Use the Length (sec) field to limit video clips by time.

    The video fragment is exported at Agent of Control using the Axxon_player.exe utility, which is part of base Intellect installation. This utility does not support the function of frame by frame export. This means that the whole clip or set of clips corresponding to the selected date and time will be exported, depending on the value of the Length (sec) parameter.
    In the context of a single clip, it's impossible to request only part of it.

  6. If you want to decrease network load, set the Bandwidth __ KBps field to the appropriate value.
  7. In the Start area, select the time for sending the request: Click either the Immediately option button or Schedule option button.

  8. Set the waiting time by using the Data receive timeout, sec. field.

  9. If the check box Open immediately is selected, the data is put into the video archive and shown immediately. Otherwise, the data is only sent to the archive. To view such data, use the Monitoring reports component.

  10. If you try to set the value of the Length (sec) field to over 120, the value of 120 is offered. This is done to remind the user that such requests can export a big data file from a video archive on Agent Of Control's side. If you want to turn this limitation off, click Settings in the lower-left area of the Search in archive area. A window opens. In the window, change the value of the Maximum length of loaded video clip, sec field.

  11. After you fill in all the fields, click New.

  12. You will get to the Loads tab where the task performance process is displayed. While the video clip is being downloaded, it file size, loaded size, and transfer rate are shown. You can pause the download at any moment by clicking Pause.

    In case data have stopped coming during the download, for example if connection with the object is lost, download will be restarted after a random time interval from 1 to 60 seconds. In case of the attempt failure, attempts will be made at intervals of 1 minute.

    Information on the time remaining to the restart is displayed in the Comment field. Any time you can restart loading manually using the Restart button. 

  13. If the data is loaded successfully and the Open immediately check box is selected, the downloaded clip is played with Axxon Player.

The successfully completed task is marked in green. Double click such entry to see the corresponding frame or play the corresponding video clip. It is also possible to go to the folder with downloaded videos. For this right-click the corresponding frame and select the Show in folder item.

The Search in archive component supports the download resume function. If the connection to Agent Of Control breaks during a download, the task status changes to Network Error after two minutes' time-out. The Comment field shows the information that the data is no longer being transferred. Ten seconds later the system start periodic attempts to resume the download. It tries to do it every minute. After the connection to Agent Of Control is reestablished, the data is downloaded not from the beginning, but from the point where the connection was lost.

The download resume function uses temporary files. They are saved both on Agent Of Control and on Server Of Control. These files are stored for three days. After that, they are removed. For example, if you start a download, then click Pause, and resume the download five days later, the download starts from the beginning.

To change the storage period for the temporary files, go to the registry and create the value "StoreVideoFiles" in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\BITSoft\VHOST\VHostService registry branch for 32-bit OS (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BITSoft\VHOST\VHostService for 64-bit) and enter the required data in days. Then restart Videosrv.exe.

If you want to remove old tasks from the task list, go to Loads tab and click Delete button. Tasks are stored in the database for max. 100 days. If you want to limit the number of tasks that are shown in the Loads tab, use the Task archive size, days parameter in the Settings window opened by Settings button in the lower left corner of the Search in archive screen (see p. 10).

  1. If you request a clip that is longer than one minute, you have to increase the value of the Data receive timeout, sec. parameter. You must do it, because some time is required for Agent Of Control to export large video clip. 
  2. If Intellect closes, all tasks with the "Loading" status are paused. Start these tasks manually to resume download.