In the Intellect software it is possible to use modules specialized for working in 32-bits and 64-bits OS. and modules, coders, part of IP-cameras and video capture cards drivers are converted to the 64-bits platform.

Modules specialized for working on the 64-bits system allow removing restrictions on the number of connected and simultaneously displayed video channels in the Intellect software. Using of 64-bits modules allows the system performance improvement until 10 % comparing with 32-bits modules.

If the 64-bit modules are in use, the following Intellect functionality does not work:

  1. Point&Click through the Intellect algorithms (for details on Point&Click see Mouse PTZ control).
  2. Face detection, if the Intellect algorithms are used for face detection and capturing (for details on Face detection see Configuring Face detection tool). 
  3. The Scene object (see  Configuring object’s panoramic view by means of the Scene object).

Modules for 32-bits system are loaded to the Intellect software on default. Using of 64-bits system is recommended in the following ways:

  1. if the large number of cameras are to be displayed simultaneously (over 100 cameras);
  2. if the large number of cameras are to be displayed in ultrahigh resolution (over 50 cameras with 5Mpxls resolution in format without local unpacking);
  3. if the large number of channels of forensic detections with search are to be in use (over 25 Tracker objects on the Server).

There is no 64-x bits decoder for WS7 and WS17 cards with hardware compression. So video from these cards is not displayed on the remote client when 64-x bits modules are in use. 

The Auto-Uragan recognition module integrated in the Auto-Intellect software package does not support 64-bits operation mode. So if the Auto-Uragan object is created in the Intellect object tree, 32-bits modules will run regardless of the set Run x64 modules checkbox.

To use the 64-bits modules do the following:

  1. Go to the settings panel of the Computer object (1).
  2. Set the Run x64 modules checkbox (2).
  3. Click the Apply button (3).
  4. Restart the Intellect software.

As a result modules specialized for 64-bits OS will be loaded. If the 64-bits module is not found, the corresponding 32-bits module will be loaded.

Configuring of using 64-bits module is completed.