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Temporary list of IP-devices, supported with DriversPack 3.51.2308 AxxonSoft
Document version V1 of Mar 26 2018
Is relevant for Axxon Intellect Enterprise v4.10.3, Axxon Intellect Lite and Axxon Next 4.1.0
Axxon Intellect EnterpriseList of devices, integrated to Axxon Intellect Enterprise and Axxon Intellect Lite
Axxon NextList of devices, integrated to Axxon Next
AS ISList of unsupported integrations which can be used at your own discretion
Color designations in the table "Full list"
New integrations in the version are underlined orange
Improved integrations in the version are undelined pink
Integrations, borrowed from the earlier versions are underlined blue
Out of SupportList of unsupported devices since they are no longer supported by manufacturers. You are free to try them as you wish.
use the Excel standard functions for searching the necessary information in the lists
Pay attention! The company is only responsible for sustained performance of the software with IP-devices, stated in this document. Draw your attention to the firmware version and exact model name for correct joint cooperation of the software and IP-device.
Dear partners! Current version of file is intermediate and constantly updated! The list of other IP-devices is located on page