Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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This stage includes the following:

  1. Run INTELLECT™. To run the system in the Windows mainmenu click Start → All Programs → Intellect → Intellect.
  2. In the Hardware tab create a new Video Capture Device under the Computer object, specify the LinuxHub type and the IP address of the required LH (see Network identification of Linux Server (LinuxHub) section).
  3. Set other settings in INTELLECT™. For example, to display video received from a camera connected to LH, create a Camera object under the Video Capture Device <card id> object in the object tree and configure the created camera.
    Creating a Camera object:

    Example of LH configuration:
  4. Restart INTELLECT™.


Details on how to configure INTELLECT™ are given in Administrator’s Guide. Some LH settings can be set in the Web interface (see Web interface of Linux Server (LinuxHub) section). 

LH enables working with audio received both from the cards and from the embedded audio card. Configure LH audio subsystem as follows:

  1. Create an Audio card object under the Computer object in the Hardware tab, set the LH type of the video capture card (1).
  2. Set the sample rate for audio signal processed on LH (2).
  3. Create and configure the required number of Microphone objects under the Audio card object.
  4. Restart INTELLECT™ and LH.


To enable recording audio stream from the microphone, set the environment variable before starting VideoServerCore:
export WRITE_AUDIO_INPUT= audio_device_number.

Number of the audio device can be found in VideoServerCore logs:
CBoard(audio_device_number, HDA Intel PCH:VT1708S Analog (hw:0,0)).

LH for INTELLECT™operation is now configured.