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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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To merge several separate Intellect Servers with separate license keys and separate databases to a single common configuration, do the following:

  1. Update all Servers and Clients in the distributed system to the same Intellect version.
  2. Make sure that your network or firewall settings do not restrict any ports required for Intellect operation on any Server. See the list of ports by the following link:

  3. Combine all license files into a single license file. It will be used on all servers. To do this, please contact your AxxonSoft manager. Please note that the maximum allowed number of Clients is only limited by the license. Please contact your AxxonSoft manager for details.
  4. Create the single common configuration as follows:
    1. Select a Server to be the main Server in the distributed system. Put the single license file you received from the manager to the Intellect installation folder on this main Server. If you don't have the license file yet, enable the Demo mode as follows:
      1. Shut Intellect down.
      2. Remove the intellect.sec license file from the Intellect installation folder to any other folder (e.g. to the Desktop).
      3. Pull out the Guardant USB dongle.
      4. Run Intellect.
    2. Configure the distributed system on the Hardware tab: add all the Servers, Video capture devices and other objects.

    3. Configure connections on the Architecture tab: specify all the IP addresses and/or DNS names.

    4. Having configured the above, distribute the single license file between all Servers and enable database synchronization on each Server. Synchronize each secondary Server with the main Server. The SQL database of the main Server must be the source of synchronization.

    5. If the above configuration was performed in the Demo mode, proceed as follows:
      1. Create a backup copy of the database.

      2. Restore this backup on each Server.

      3. Put the single intellect.sec license file to the Intellect installation folder on each Server.

The merging according to these instructions will help you to start using Intellect immediately after completing all the actions described. If everything is configured correctly, Intellect will launch in a single distributed system.

Only the archive recorded from the main Server cameras will be available in Intellect. The archive recorded from other Servers can only be viewed using the Axxon Player utility. This is due to the fact that the camera unique IDs are changed when merging, so the archive becomes unavailable.

However, if cameras are numbered "continuously" on all the Servers so that their IDs and names are not repeated, the archive will be available on all the cameras given that they are added to the new DB with the same old IDs.

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