Documentation for POS Intellect 5.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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POS-Intellect includes the following software modules:

  1. the basic version of the Intellect software package – Intellect (base);
  2. POS-operations module.

The POS-operations module has the following functionality:

  1. simultaneous viewing of the video image, the receipt contents and the POS-terminal events in real time;
  2. simultaneous recording of the video image, the receipt contents and the POS-terminal events;
  3. creating user queries allowing to search the video archive by receipt contents and by system events;
  4. the module provides user interfaces for the following functional modules:
    1. Monitor module (video and captions display), represented by the Monitor window;
    2. Search by captions module (searching the video database by captions), represented by the Search by captions window;
    3. Receipt viewer module (searching the receipts by event), represented by the Receipt viewer window.

The following databases are used in POS-Intellect:

  1. internal database of the server – contains the system settings and the data on registered events;
  2. captioner – contains the data from POS-terminals;
  3. receipts database – contains the data from POS-terminals.


Database has MS SQL format. A list of MS SQL Server versions, supported in the POS-Intellect software  is identical with the list of supported versions for the Intellect software (see the Intellect Software Package. Administrator’s Guide document).

The POS-operations module uses  the Captioner module, which is installed by default with the Intellect (base) platform. The Captioner module overlays the video image received from the surveillance camera with the receipt contents. The result of this operation is included in the captioner (using the Captioner module) and the receipts database (using the POS-terminal module), and is displayed in the Monitor window.

The Search by captions module allows searching the captioner, and the Receipt viewer module allows searching the receipts database. The captioners and receipts databases are stored in the folder specified during the MS SQL Server  setup;. For information please visit:

The video archive is stored in the folder specified during the Intellect (base) software setup. For further information please refer to the Intellect Software Package: The Administrator's Guide document.

The POS-Intellect software functionality is specified in the intellect.sec key file of the Intellect (base) software platform; please refer to the Intellect Software Package: The Administrator’s Guide document.

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