Documentation for Axxon Next 4.2.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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If a video camera supports multistreaming, you can select the quality of the video stream that you want for display in viewing tiles.


If the video camera is not configured for multiple video streams, this action is not available (see The Video Camera Object).

To select video stream quality:

  1. In the context menu of the viewing tile, select Select quality.
  2. Select the quality of video stream that you want for display in the viewing tile.



    Auto (GreenStream)

    The default setting for video stream is low-quality. Upon selection of a Camera Window, the highest resolution stream is displayed by default. After you switch to another Camera Window, the inactive camera window returns to lower resolution / fps display


    A high-quality video stream is used for display in the viewing tile (see The Video Camera Object).

    Low (default)

    A low-quality video stream is used for display in the camera window (see The Video Camera Object).. When you zoom on the camera window, it switches to a high quality video stream (see Scaling the Viewing Tile).


    Viewing Tile shows an adaptive video stream (see Configuring an Adaptive Video Stream).


    Automatic video stream selection (enabled by the Auto option) is unavailable if automatic resolution selection has been set for any stream (see The Video Camera Object).

  3. Click between between the tiles. 

Selection of video stream quality in the viewing tile is now complete.