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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The following camera functions should be disabled:

  1. Video information accumulation mode / night mode;
  2. Permanent automatic image sharpness adjustment;
  3. Motion detectors;
  4. Any information from the camera (name, date, time, etc) inserted in the video image.

The declared recognition quality is guaranteed if the cameras are installed at angles of not more than 20 degrees to the perpendicular to the plate. In case of larger angles (up to 45 degrees) the numbers will be recognized, although the recognition accuracy will decrease.

The following table shows the main parameters required for camera installation.


Maximum value

Recommended (optimal) value

Camera height

20 m

6 m

Vertical inclination

30 º

18 º

Horizontal inclination

20 º

5-10 º

Maximum inclination of the license plate

10 º

10 º

Control zone width of a CCTV camera:

  1. 3 m – frontal camera location;
  2. 3.2--3.7 m - side location with an angle of no more than 10-20.

Zone width of a 1 Mpix digital camera:
6.5 m – frontal location.
Zone width of a 3 Mpix digital camera:
11 m – frontal location.


Licensing of the Auto-Uragan module depends on the number of motion lanes in the video camera control area. Calculation of the numbers of motion lanes is performed by internal module logic and depends on automatically defined typical minimal and maximum sizes of license plates (see the Setting up the Auto-Uragan module section).

Maximal width of motion lane is 3.5 m.So if the width of video camera control area more than 3.5 metres, the license for 2 channels of the Auto-Uragan module is required. If the width of control area more than 7 metres, the license for 3 channels is required.

Basic characteristics of used video cameras are presented in the General requirements for mounting and configuring of cameras section.