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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The number of PTZ devices connected to the Server is specified in the license key bundled with INTELLECT™ distribution kit.  

Every PTZ device has the corresponding PTZ device system object in INTELLECT™. The PTZ device object is a child object to the Telemetry Controller object.

PTZ device configuration involves selection of the camera equipped with a PTZ device and setting PTZ MAC addresses.

Several PTZ devices are configured one after another.

To configure PTZ devices do the following:

  1. Go to the Hardware tab in the setting panel of INTELLECT™ (1).
  2. Create a PTZ device object under the Telemetry controller object or select the relevant object in the object tree in the Hardware tab of the System settings dialog box (2).

  3. Specify the ID, the name of the PTZ device object and select the Telemetry controller object to which the PTZ device is connected (3).

  4. Select the ID of the camera equipped with a PTZ device (4).
  5. Select the name of the camera equipped with a PTZ device (5).


    Specify either the video camera ID or its name.

  6. In the Presets table set checkboxes checked next to the names of presets that are to be displayed on Telemetry control panel (see Telemetry control panel configuration section). Change the preset's name if necessary (6).


    In order to select all presets or cancel this operation, use the Select/Deselect checkbox (7).

  7. Set minimal and maximal speed of optical zoom in standard units for PTZ device in the Zooming speed group (8).

  8. Set minimal and maximal rotation speed in standard units for PTZ device while mouse control from the Monitor in the Mouse group (9).

  9. Set minimal and maximal rotation speed while joystick control in the Joystick group (10)

  10. Set minimal and maximal rotation speed of PTZ device in direction of mouse click (Point&Click) in standard units for PTZ device in the Point&Click group (11).

  11. Specify the MAC address of the PTZ device in the RS-232 address field. The PTZ MAC address corresponds to the address set on the PTZ device with the help of jumpers or configured while programming the PTZ device in the the bundled software (12).
  12. If the continuous PTZ mode (Continuous Mode) is to be disabled, set the Force disabling continuous PTZ mode checkbox checked (13).


    If the checkbox is set unchecked, then the continuous PTZ mode is automatically enabled for the PTZ devices that support it.

  13. To save the changes click the Apply button (14).