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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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Server of Control creates files that contain object status information and puts them in the exchange folder. The files are then loaded from the folder to the database by the Data loader for Monitoring module. The icon of the module (a "monitor" symbol) is shown in the toolbar, in the lower-right corner of the screen.

If you right-click on this icon, a context menu opens.

If you select the Show data loader menu item, the Data loader for Monitoring window opens.

This window contains the following parameters:

  1. Input data folder: The path to the folder that contains incoming files from Server of Control.
  2. Loading period (sec): The time (in seconds) between two consecutive loads of incoming files from Server of Control into the database. This parameter applies to non-alarm messages. Alarm messages are recorded to the database immediately. Each time after data is loaded into the database, the system sends to the Log Panel interface component a data update request. The Log Panel refreshes the information from the database every minute.
  3. Automatic loading: If you select this check box, data is loaded automatically. Otherwise, the load starts only when you click Load.
  4. Loaded file: This field shows the name of the file being processed, or an error message if an error occurred while loading the data.
  5. Message files received from Server of Control are processed in several steps. The current step is shown in the Step field.