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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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The lоgging subsystem allows configuring the detail level at which Server of Control activities are logged.

The main log file is located in the <Intellect software installation folder>\VHost folder, in the file vsrvYYMMDD.log, where YY is the year, MM the month, and DD the day.

To configure the lоgging subsystem:

  1. Go to the configuration panel for the Server of Control object.
  2. To log auxiliary characters at the transport level, select the Auxiliary characters check box (1).
  3. To log alarms (activation of a vibration sensor, temperature sensor, or Door-Forced-Open (DFO) sensor), select the Alarm events check box (2).
  4. To log events related to system status, select the System status check box (3).
  5. In the Archive period (h) field, enter the frequency, in hours, at which the log file is to be archived (4). Archives are saved in the DATA subfolder, with the following name format: namelog_yymmddhhmmss.gz, where
    1. namelog is the name of the log file being archived;
    2. yy is the year of archive creation;
    3. mm is the month of archive creation;
    4. dd is the day of archive creation;
    5. hh is the hour of archive creation;
    6. mm is the minute of archive creation;
    7. ss is the second of archive creation.
  6. In the File size (MB) field, enter the file size threshold, in megabytes, upon which the log file is archived (5). This setting overrides the value in the Archive period (h) field.
  7. In the Keep archives for (months) drop-down list, select the length of time, in months, for which you want to store archived log files. This value must be between 1 and 24 (6). Archives that are older than the specified number of months are deleted.

To save settings, click the Apply button.