Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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INTELLECT™ installed as a Service, is started before user authorization in Windows OS and before Windows applications are launched (including the Explorer application which is used for starting up such applications as Windows OS and various other applications installed on the Server).


 In INTELLECT™ installed as a Server user can log off INTELLECT™ and service remains started and INTELLECT™ restart is possible.

While installing the Intellect software as a service the IntellectUsers user group will be created and the user who performed the installation will be added to this group. To add other users to the IntellectUser group use the Windows OS means.


To start Intellect under another user it must have admin rights or rights are to be advanced as it is described in OS settings for correct operation of Remote Admin Workstation or Server section.


 Detailed information about user groups and about working with them see in the web-site.

When the user from the IntellectUsers group enters a system, the Intellect software restarts under this user. If the Intellect software launch under the user name is not needed, i.e. the Intellect software is to be launched under the SYSTEM user name, restart is to be disabled using the Tweaki.exe utility – see The Settings panel of the Windows section part. 


When INTELLECT™ is started under some user (not under SYSTEM), then if user is changed and the first user has not logged off, INTELLECT™ will not restart – it will be started under the first user.  

If INTELLECT™ is installed as a Service and database connection is performed via Windows account information, then for operation under the user different from the user who installed INTELLECT™ this user is to have SQL server permissions.

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