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  • Creating an Entering/Exiting People Counter report

Documentation for Intellect Web Report System 3.0. Documentation for other versions of Report System is available too.

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In order to create an Entering/Exiting People Counter report, do the following:

  1. Select the Entering/Exiting People Counter report type (see Selecting a type of reports by People Counter detector section).
  2. As a result the dialog box for specifying the report parameters will be displayed.

Set the following report parameters:

  1. From the Person's actions drop-down list select a value on which the report is to be created: entry, exit, entry+exit (1).


    Select the Entry+Exit value if the report is to be created on total number of passes.

  2. From the Receiving data period drop-down list select a period of time for which a People counter report should be created (2).
  3. Enter a time period (in minutes) during which the values received from people counter detector will be summarized in the Step (min.) field (2).
  4. From the Maximum value drop-down list select a maximum value of people that will be displayed in a chart (3).
  5. In the Detectors field set checkboxes in those People counter objects information on which should be displayed in the report (4).
  6. If it is necessary to view a report as a chart, set the corresponding checkbox (5).
  7. To create a report click Execute (6).

Entering/Exiting people counting is performed by summation of "enter"/ "exit" events at every interval.

As a result an Entering/Exiting People Counter report with specified parameters is displayed.



Example of a Entering/Exiting People counter report as a chart is given in the following figure.