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An 'undefined' page is any page that has been linked to from within Confluence, but that does not yet exist.

Undefined Page Linked From
Administrator’s Guide Page: Video Monitor (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Graphic objects on the Map (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Examples of scripts in JScript language (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Event processing using the Operator protocol (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Configure export by connecting removable media (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
and approximately 12 more…
Configuring object’s panoramic view by means of the Scene object Page: The user interface in the Intellect software (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Loading file from the disk and saving to disk Page: Creating the HTML page object (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Operator’s Guide Page: Intellect Enterprise base version (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Configuring the order of reactions in the object menu (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Operations with objects in the Map editor utility (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Configuring backup archive server (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
Page: Setting up a Server (Intellect 4.10.4 (english))
and approximately 2 more…
Registration of users’ rights Page: Adding new users (Intellect Web Report System 3.4)