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New features and improvements

  1. The archive on the failover server is now synced with the archive on the main server after recovery. This uses the Video Backup module.
  2. File system revamped:
    1. Optimized loop-based recording and data deletion in multi-disk configurations
    2. Accelerated reading video archive indexes
    3. Increased stability and performance.
  3. Videogate supports multistreaming (streams all video feeds from a camera).
  4. Videogate allows constant recording for only the cameras that are streamed to clients.
  5. Object classification (human, vehicle, or group of people) is available for live video detection tools and recorded video searches using the VMDA system.
  6. The tracker can trigger an alert when it detects a specific number of objects in the frame.
  7. Added the ability to create multiple masks in the VMDA tracker.
  8. VMDA detection tools don't require constant recording.
  9. GreenStream switches between streams with digital zooming.
  10. Moving objects are tracked on the map for the Strelets-Integral ISS.
  11. The operator's screen has a new Maintain camera aspect ratio setting to correctly display images from cameras with different aspect ratios.
  12. A new utility moves logging to a separate database keeping web reports efficient.
  13. The Bookmarks window now has search and filters.
  14. In the map editor, breakpoints can be added to a line using CTRL + right-click.
  15. The map editor displays object states in turn, rather than simultaneously (if there are multiple states).
  16. Export is available for dewarped video from cameras with a fisheye or rotated image.
  17. The Operator Log allows delayed alerts and hiding/showing the alert buttons.
  18. Improved control of playback speed and toggling playback between forward and reverse using the arrow buttons.
  19. Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to macros.
  20. Multi-selection of archives with Ctrl or Shift when setting up protection of video recordings.
  21. Color can be configured for polygons and circles on the map using ddi utility.
  22. The title search now has an option to search for a substring.
  23. The Event Log shows the card number for all events associated with cards.
  24. The Map | Fit to Window command can be used in macros and scripts. It shows the entire map in the window.
  25. The name of a monitor can be displayed on the panel.
  26. Added the MaximizeCameraOnDblClk and MinimizeCameraOnDblClk registry keys to control the switch to single camera window view and back by double-clicking the camera in the Monitor.
  27. Scripts have a timer function that works without creating a timer in the object tree.
  28. Added the MonitorPlaybackControlByMouseWheel registry key for using the mouse wheel to control the playback speed.
  29. A new option in the General settings opens the documentation when you press F1.
  30. The detection tool can show a box that marks where an object appeared or disappeared.
  31. Integration with Manitou monitoring software.
  32. The Operator Log has new fields that show the Operator (who handled the event) and the Response (the decision that was made).
  33. Added Korean localization.
  34. Many small improvements in the Event Log.
  35. Added the ConnectOnlyByClient registry key to disable the transfer of video from the server to Videogate if the client does not request video.
  36. Added the savemode registry key, which allows you not to exit the archive mode when changing the layout.
  37. Added the BookmarkMaxLen registry key, which allows you to limit the maximum archive history for a bookmark in the Monitor.
  38. Added the ability to filter objects on the computer in the Event Log filter.
  39. Added a script for displaying a minimap and an event that is generated when it is closed.