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Agent of Control technical condition data collection periods are given below:

  1. Information on disk failures (the Disk failure alarm type) and its restoring is updated in the following cases:
    1. at Agent of Control startup and then every 15 minutes.
    2. at receiving local message SLAVE|NO_DISC (No disk for archive storage) from Intellect core.
    3. at receiving local message DISC_EXIST (Disk for archive storage found) from Intellect core.
    4. at receiving local message DISC_UNMOUNT (Disk unmounted) from Intellect core.
    5. at receiving local message DISC_MOUNT (Disk mounted) from Intellect core.
  2. Information on archive size (the Small archive size alarm type) is updated at Agent of Control startup and then every 15 minutes.
  3. Information on the computer normal and abnormal restarts is displayed in the interface within 5 minutes.
  4. Information on free disk space is updated every 1 hour.
  5. Agent of Control initiates the connection with Server of Control and once in a ping period (2 minutes by default) sends a package with technical data to the Server of Control. If Server of Control haven't been receiving any data from Agent of Control for 6 minutes, the "No connection" error is displayed for such object.
  6. The Video.run process status (hangup) is checked at startup of Videosrv.exe module and then every 15 minutes, and besides that each time the Videosrv.exe module reconnects with the Intellect software, i.e. if the Intellect software was shut down and started again. 
  7. Availability of running processes "Intellect.exe" and "Video.run" is checked every 10 seconds.