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  • Setting General Parameters of Video Motion Detection

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  1. In the Detection Tools list, highlight a Video Detection Tools object (1) which offers a means of analyzing the video image from the desired video camera.
  2. If a video camera supports multistreaming, select the stream for which detection is needed (2). Selecting a low-quality video stream allows reducing the load on the Server.

  3. If it is necessary to decode frames every 500 milliseconds or less often, in the Decode keyframes list, select Yes (3).


    This setting applies to all codecs. If a codec has keyframes and p-frames, the keyframe is decoded no more often than every 500 miliseconds. For the MJPEG codec, each frame is considered to be I frame.

    This feature reduces the Server load but, as can be expected, negatively impacts the quality of detection.

    This setting should be activated on "blind" Servers (Servers that do not display video) on which it is necessary to perform detection.

  4. In the Period field (4) enter the time in milliseconds after which the next video image frame will be processed. This value should be in the range [0, 65535]. If the value is 0, each frame of the video image is processed.
  5. Click the Apply button.