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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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To be able to view video from all cameras of the selected Partition of Control, it is necessary to set the Viewing live video from all cameras (add.) checkbox when configuring the Monitoring interface object (for details, see Configuring the Monitoring interface object).

To view video from all cameras of the selected Partition of Control, select the All cameras of Partition of Control  item in the object's Video image playback context menu on the Control Panel (see Viewing objects' live video and archives).

As a result the dialog box with viewing tiles for all cameras of the selected Partition of Control will be displayed.

Use the  button in the bottom right corner of the viewing tile to enter the archive mode and the  button to exit the archive mode.

Live video and archive playback control functions are the same that those used in the Video monitor in Intellect. One can switch between viewing tiles as well as start manual and auto paging. Find details on these functions in Intellect software package. OperatorGuide. The latest version of this document is available in AxxonSoft documentation repository.

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