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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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To play back live video and archive from a specific camera select the name of corresponding camera in the Video image playback menu of the Control Panel (see Viewing objects' live video and archives).

After you select a camera, a dialog box opens. Wait for several seconds for the video to start.

The window's title shows the description of the object, the camera sequence number, and the camera ID in brackets. The archive is accessed using Intellect's standard method.


While viewing live video or archive from several cameras simultaneously, a separate dialog box opens for each camera.

To view live video in the full screen mode, double left click it. To exit the full screen mode and restore video mode, double right click the video.

For more details, see the document Intellect software package. Operator's guide.


By default, the video clips are exported to the <Intellect installation directory>\export folder. To change the folder for the exported video clips, specify the necessary path in the StreamViewerExportPath registry key (for details, see Registry keys reference guide. For details on working with the registry, see Working with Windows OS registry).

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