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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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Monitoring receives, records, and visualizes messages about the state of security system components, based on the following key parameters: 

  1. Camera operability.
  2. Network functioning.
  3. Operability of video subsystem software.
  4. Amount of recorded video.
  5. Hard disk operability.
  6. Operability of fire/security and access control systems.
  7. UPS signals.

In addition, the module allows monitoring the actions of monitoring operators: recording is performed of whether an alarm has been accepted, how much time passed before the alarm was accepted, and so forth. The built-in system for statistics and analysis generates reports on system operation: reports on alarms, downtime, statistics on security system operation, and more.


If there is no activation key, then Monitoring software operates in the demo mode for 2 months from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.



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