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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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Server of Control, as well as Agent of Control, can operate in distributed architecture of the digital video surveillance system . In this case both Server of Control and Agent of Control shall be configured locally, not remotely. Agents of Control can view each other in the distributed configuration but cannot change each other's settings. Agents of Control cannot view Servers of Control while Servers of Control can view where Agents of Control are installed.

Create objects of the Server of Control in the hardware tree as follows:

  1. Go to Hardware tab in the System settings dialog box (1).
  2. Create an IIDK interface object under the Computer object (2). Set the IIDK interface object number (3).
  3. Create a Server of Control object under the Computer object.
  4. When the Server of Control object is created its settings panel is displayed on the right of the System settings dialog box.
  5. Specify the IDK interface object number in the IIDK interface field.
  6. Create one or more Partition of Control objects the Server of Control object. When you create these objects specify the same ID as in the ID field on the settings panel of the corresponding Partition of Control object created under the Agent of Control object.


The ID and Name fields must not contain underscores (_) or backslashes (\), the ID field is limited to 9 characters and must not contain spaces.

The object address can be specified as the name.

The required objects are now created in the hardware tree.