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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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To configure communication between Agent of Control and Server of Control:

  1. Go to the configuration panel for the Partition Of Control object.
  2. Click the Transmitting... button. A dialog box opens with settings for configuring the communication method between Agent of Control and Server of Control.
  3. In the Connection to Server of Control drop-down list select the Client mode as the methods for connecting Agent of Control to Server of Control (1).


    The Server mode is not used.

  4. In the Connection type drop-down list, select one of the possible values for the transport level (2): TCP/IP or RS232.
  5. If RS232 is selected in the Connection type field, specify values in the COM port, COM port speed, and COM port format fields (3).
  6. If Client mode is used to connect to Server of Control and TCP/IP is selected in the Connection type field, indicate the parameters for connection with Server of Control in this dialog box:
    1. If an IP-address is used for connection, ensure the Use DNS instead of IP checkbox is not set (4) and indicate the IP address and TCP port of Server of Control (5).
    2. If a domain name is used for connection, set the Use DNS instead of IP checkbox (1) and indicate the DNS name and TCP port of Server of Control (2).


      The use of domain name for connection allows to avoid Agent of Control resetting in case of Server of Control IP-address change.

  7. When still frames or video is sent to Server of Control, the data is transferred in packets. The packet size is specified by the setting named I/O buffer (bytes) (6). For maximum data transfer speed, you are advised to use the value 4096. For poor connections, such as if a GSM modem is used, you are advised to use the value 800.
  8. In the Ping frequency (sec.) field, enter the time interval at which Agent of Control will send messages about its technical state to Server of Control (if Client mode is selected) (7). Minimal possible value is 10 sec. The value in the Ping frequency (sec.) field does not affect short-term alarms. Messages about short-term alarms are transmitted from Agent of Control to Server of Control immediately after corresponding sensors triggering. Some long-term alarms can also be an exception: for more info see the document Monitoring. Operator's Guide, section Appendix 1. Data update periods summary
  9. Click OK (8).

Configuration of communication between Agent of Control and Server of Control is now complete.