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Documentation for Monitoring 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Monitoring is available too.

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To enable automated video clip loading, set the FileQueryEnable key in the Windows registry to 1 and specify folder to share data with third party system in the FileQueryPath key (see Registry keys reference guide for more details on the key and the Working with Windows OS registry section of Intellect software. Administrator's Guide for more details on how to operate registry keys). Restart the computer to ensure the changes applied.


The C:\Query\ folder is set by FileQueryPath key by default.


Specify different folders in FileQueryPath key if automated video clip loading is enabled both on Server of Control and Additional workplace simultaneously.


When videosrv.exe communication module starts at the Server of Control, the folder specified in the FileQueryPath key is automatically created with the following subfolders:

In – the folder for request files;

In\Work – the service folder for request files;

OutSuccess – the folder to place request files in after successful load of the video clips;

OutError – the folder for incorrect request files or request files with absent mandatory parameters;

OutFail – the folder to place correct request files in if video clip could not be loaded for some reason.


At Additional workplace, create the folder specified in the FileQueryPath key with all subfolders described above manually.

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