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You can view both live video and archives from objects on the Control Panel:

  1. Viewing video from a specific camera.
  2. Viewing video from all cameras created at the Agent of Control.
  3. Viewing video from all cameras of the selected Partition of Control.
  4. Creating user layouts and playing back video from selected cameras added to the Partition of Control.


Information on how to select cameras for live video and archives playback on the Control Panel can be found in Configuring the camera list section of Administrator's Guide.

To select the mode for playing back live video and archive right click the area with object name. Select the Video image playback item in the context menu. To view video from a specific camera select the name of corresponding camera in the menu; to view video from all cameras created at the Agent of Control select the All cameras item; to view video from all cameras of the selected Partition of Control select All cameras of Partition of Control; and to select the user layout select the Displays menu item. Find more details on how to view video image in the corresponding sections.


The Video image playback menu item is available only after the object connects to Monitoring software for the first time. Before that, there is no such menu item.

The list of cameras corresponds to the list of cameras specified when configuring the Patrition of Control object. Camera names in the context menu as well as IDs specified in the square brackets correspond to those on the Agent Of Control.

If the Monitoring software have the corresponding setting, then when the camera is selected for viewing live video the warning will be displayed saying that transmission of video can create critical load on the channel. If it is really necessary to view live video, click OK in the Warning dialog box. To cancel viewing live video, click Cancel.


It is possible to restrict the Operator’s access to the camera's functional menu and its options, to the CamMonitor buttons, and to the CamMonitor control via the keyboard and mouse (for details, see the Monitoring section of the Registry keys reference guide, for details about working with the registry, see Working with Windows OS registry).