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Documentation for Intellect Web Report System 3.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect Web Report System is available too.

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In order to generate the cashier stastistics, the POS-terminal object should be setup and configured in the Intellect (see The POS-terminal object setup).

In order to display the cashier stastistics do the following:

  1. Select Report by cashier in one of the available ways (see Selecting a type of general POS report section).
  2. Specify the period in one of the following ways (1):

    1. By default, the User defined period is selected. Enter the date of start and end periods for which the report is to be created in the from and to fields using the Calendar tool. Click the   button near the corresponding field to use the Calendar tool.
    2. There is also a possibility to build a report for a fixed period of time (a week, a month, etc.). These periods are selected in the drop-down list.
    3. Finally, the User defined 2 period enables to enter the start and end time of period for which the report is to be created using the   button.
  3. Click Execute to run the report (2).

As a result of the operation, a summary table of events will be displayed for all the cashiers in accordance with predefined parameters. The number of events registered for each cachier will be dipolayed in the corresponding column. The Total column for each type of event will indicate the total number of events for each cashier.To view them, click the [all] link.

In order to save a general report by cashier in.xls format click Save.