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Documentation for Intellect Web Report System 3.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect Web Report System is available too.

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Setting up the SMTP server for sending the autogenerated reports via email is performed in the Administration > Security section.

In order to set up the SMTP server, do the following:
  1. Go to the Administration SecurityEmail settings tab.
  2. In the Email address field (1) type the e-mail address from which the auto-generated reports will be sent.
  3. In the SMTP Server field (2) enter the name of SMTP Server.
  4. In the Username field (3) enter the name of account used for sending the messages to SMTP Server.
  5. Specify the password of the account used for sending the messages to SMTP Server. For this click the Enter password link. In the box enter the password.
  6. In the SMTP Server port field (4) enter the port number used by SMTP Server.
  7. If the SSL coding is required to connect the SMTP Server then set the Enable SSL coding checkbox (5).
  8. Click Save (6).

SMTP Server setup for autogenerated reports sending via email is completed.