Documentation for Intellect Web Report System 3.3. Documentation for other versions of Intellect Web Report System is available too.

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The Report by users, access levels and readers is a table which contains the information about users with the selected access levels or selected passage points assigned to them.

To create the Report by users, access levels and readers, do the following:

  1. Select the Report by users, access levels and readers (see Selecting the type of Access Manager report). As a result the dialog box for specifying the report parameters will be displayed.
  2. Set the report parameters in the following way:
    1. In the Access levels field (1) set the checkboxes for the access levels the information on which should be displayed in the report.
    2. In the Readers field (2) set the checkboxes for the readers the information on which should be displayed in the report.
    3. From the Type of report drop-down list (3) select the required report type.
  3. To create a report click Execute (4).
  4. As a result the report with specified parameters is displayed.
    1. The example of a report by access levels.
    2. The example of a report by passage points.

      The report fields are described in the table.

      Field nameDescription
      Personnel numberEmployee number
      Full nameFull name of the employee
      DepartmentEmployee department
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