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New features and improvements

  1. A menu item has been added to the Auto report to display a ANPR report with the ability to view video and find the number in the database.
  2. A template has been added to the Auto report — Vehicle type statistics. It provides traffic stats for each type of vehicle.
  3. Added the ability to select the type of transport detection in the Traffic Flow Statistics reports — Traffic Monitor or Virtual Loop.
  4. We added the ability to view video of any object associated with the camera in the Event Log report.
  5. The Time and Attendance reports are now divided into two branches:
    1. T&A reports and
    2. Visitor Management reports.
    The following reports moved to a new branch — Visitor Management reports:
    1. First and last usage of proximity card in 24 hours
    2. Operator performance supervision
    3. User access levels and readers
    4. Staff members entry/exit
    5. User access levels.
  6. For each user in the T&A reporting system we added a new feature — Adjust visibility of departments.
  7. The Visitor Management reports have new templates:
    1. "Most recent passage for a dated credential". If an access card or fingerprint was not used within the specified time (15 days by default), the report displays the most recent access point where this credential was used.
    2. "Employee statuses".
  8. The General reports have a new template — a report of current objects state.
  9. If the First and last usage of proximity card in 24 hours report is created automatically in Exсel format, it has a new column – Department.
  10. Queue Length detection now shows the People Counter Maxed Out report.
  11. Queue Length detection now offers new options:
    1. select a 24-hour time format
    2. edit report templates
    3. choose the portrait or landscape orientation of the report page
    4. specify color for each detection tool in the report
    5. set the time between from and to in periods Previous day (week / month) and Current day (week / month)
    6. filter which removes the 0 values from the table report.
  12. To the Double scanning report we added the option to edit the time interval between scans.
  13. The Report on Cashiers has new parameters:
    1. working time for the period
    2. average ticket / purchase
    3. number of registered items
    4. the average time for registration of one item
    5. % cancellation of positions
    6. % cancellation of receipts.
  14. In the People Counter report with data obtained from POS we added new columns:
    1. overall number of receipts from all cash registers for each time interval
    2. the total revenue received for receipts.
    The totals of these columns are displayed at the bottom of the table.
  15. Implemented the option to restrict visibility of certain report parameters depending on user permissions.
  16. Users without admin permissions can now configure autogenerated reports.
  17. The interface settings are saved with reference to a user rather than a PC.
  18. Added the Clear button for Visitor Behavior Analysis Reports.
  19. Email settings were moved to the Security tab. An individual address can now be specified for each user.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed minor errors in installer.
  2. Fixed format error occurred when exporting reports to xls.
  3. Fixed an error that led to lack of video in the POS reports if there are several network cards in the system.
  4. Resolved an issue with building reports if a date format is different to the OS language settings.
  5. Fixed error: the Event Log and T&A reports for 1 day had an extra day.
  6. Fixed error: no settings were saved in automatic reports.
  7. In the Number of visitor entries/exits reports the time schedule is now applied correctly.
  8. Fixed error: after the Web Report System installation, the POS DB was empty until the first report was generated.
  9. Fixed error: the autogenerated report was taking too much time to form and that led to sending email with no attachment.
  10. Unsupported formats are removed from the list of autogenerated report formats.
  11. Fixed a bug with new events not entered into the new protocol database created with RemoteProtocolConnector.exe.
  12. The Visitor Management now lets the administrator access all departments. You can also change the list of departments displayed for different users.
  13. Fixed the issue with schedule creation in the task manager, that occurred if the Bulgarian language was selected.
  14. Fixed the incorrect speed info in reports from Traffic Flow Control.
  15. Fixed the rare issue with web reports after updating the Intellect Web Report System.

Compatibility and resources

This version is intended for use with Intellect 4.10.3.

For information about compatibility of Intellect Web Report System with Intellect versions, refer here.

For documentation, please visit the product documentation portal.

Download the Intellect Web Report System 3.3 installer here.

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