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  • Viewing a detailed report

Documentation for Intellect Web Report System 3.0. Documentation for other versions of Report System is available too.

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In order to view a detailed report, do the following:

  1. Display a corresponding general report.
  2. Click the link in the cell corresponding to a necessary event and a cashier/POS terminal/ POS operator. To display a detailed report by event for all cashiers/POS terminals/ POS operators click the corresponding link in the Total cell.
  3. As a result the required detailed report by event is displayed.

All detailed reports are the same in the structure and represent the table that consists of the following columns:

  1. Store where the event happened;
  2. Number of POS terminal where the event happened;
  3. Date and time of event registration;
  4. Full name of cashier for whom the event was registered;
  5. Number of cashier;
  6. Receipt number in which the event was registered;
  7. Code;
  8. Name;
  9. Price;
  10. Quantity;
  11. Total sum;
  12. Receipt total;
  13. Cash;
  14. Change;
  15. Previous status of event;
  16. Current status of event;
  17. POS operator who gave the current status to the event;
  18. Date and time of last status change.