Documentation for POS Intellect 5.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New Features and Enhancements

New Integrations

  1. Integrated a new Epson POS terminal 
  2. Integrated the GAAP Point of Sale terminal 
  3. Integrated the POS Arius terminal 
  4. Integrated the Alpha AB-A-80 terminal 
  5. Integrated the ОКО SPHINX metal detector 
  6. Integrated the Wincor Nixdorf Cash&Carry terminal 
  7. Integrated the Teraoka SM 110 scale/printer 
  8. Integrated the KELI XK3118K9 weight indicator into the TruckScalesPlugin 
  9. Integrated the TruckScale1 truck scales into the POS terminal 
  10. Added a plugin for vLBV devices 


  1. Added extra events for IKEA PoS plugin 
  2. Improved IIKO plugin integration 
  3. Updated integration with D-Store POS terminals:
    1. Added the NewReceipt.Use registry key that allows triggering recording a receipt with any data, not only a keyword 
    2. Added the PrintTime registry key, which displays the time of occurrence of captions in UTC format in the caption bar 
  4. The POS terminal now includes the Continuous Receipt Displaying setting that adds extra space between receipts. A new receipt is displayed continuously without clearing the screen from the previous one 
  5. You can now use "*" wildcards when searching captions/receipts data 
  6. Added an option to ignore data from POS terminals specified in the "xml_titles.txt" file in <angle brackets> 
  7. You can now deselect the UseTimeInReceipt checkbox to receive captions with system date in the PcPlugin utility.
  8. You can now specify several identical functions in brackets in the "xml_titles.txt" file 
  9. Added the UseLocalTimestamp registry key that allows replacing local time of caption arrival with time in UTC format 

Bug Fixes

  1. The "Maintain Connection" setting now works more stably.
  2. The MixForward utility now displays discounts correctly.
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented the configuration check UI from starting after POS Intellect software is installed.
  4. Fixed a bug that led to ignoring the end of receipt, and continuous video recording of the transaction.
  5. Optimized operation with theft detector at checkout ("Sweethearting").
  6. Fixed a rare memory leak in the Captioner module.
  7. Corrected minor bugs in displaying captions in the Caption Search window.
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