Documentation for POS Intellect 5.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The purpose and structure of the guide

The POS-Intellect: Operator’s Guide is a reference manual to be used by operators of the POS-Intellect software package.

The purpose of the POS-Intellect system

The POS-Intellect software package is designed for monitoring cashier operations in retail shops and has the following functionality:

  1. simultaneous viewing of the video image, the receipt contents and the POS-terminal events in real time;
  2. simultaneous recording of the video image, the receipt contents and the POS-terminal events;
  3. creating user queries allowing to search the video archive by receipt contents and by system events;
  4. integration with common POS-terminals.
  5. Possibility to create, view and process general and itemized on the POS-terminal events in «Report System»Web-report subsystem.

Recommendations for using the POS-Intellect system

For correct operation of the POS-Intellect system, please follow these recommendations:

  1. follow the job description accurately;
  2. use the system for the intended purpose only;
  3. do not use the computer with Intellect installed, to run other software which is not part of the Intellect package.
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