Documentation for POS Intellect 5.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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It is possible to add information on the Intellect embedded programming language or on the JScript language to the receipt body using script. 


More information about operation with scripts see in the Intellect software package. Programmer’s Guide (JScript) document. Current version of this document is available in the AxxonSoft documentation repository.

To add information to the receipt body use the ADD_TAG reaction of the POS object. Information which is to be added is sending in the tag<> parameter of this reaction. At executing of this command the specified string is written to the receipt before the receipt end. If command is executed during pause between receipts, the specified string will be written to the next receipt.

Example of command to add information to the receipt body using macro 1 on the JScript language is follows:

if (Event.SourceType=="MACRO" && Event.SourceId=="1" && Event.Action=="RUN"") {
    DoReactStr("POS","1","ADD_TAG","tag<info to be added>");
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