Documentation for POS Intellect 5.2. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The external view of settings panel for the POS sections is shown in the following figure.

Description of parameters for settings the POS-Intellect section is presented in the table.

ParameterMethod for setting the parameter valueParameter descriptionSymbol usedDefault valueValue range
1Save data to fileIs identified by the check markEnabling and disabling  function of creating lof-files of POS-terminalsBoolean typeNo

Yes - data received from POS-terminals save to log files.

No - log fille is not created.

2Open folderPress the buttonButton is designed for going to the folder where log-files of POS-terminates are stored---
3Allow to specify recognition settingsIs identified by the check markEnabling or disabling the possibility to edit the parcer templatesBoolean typeYes

Yes - it is possible to edit parcer templates.

No - it is not possible to edit parcer templates.

4Convert DOS to Windows codepagesIs identified by the check markThe checkbox is set if the POS-terminal sends data in DOS codeBoolean typeYes

Yes - data sends in DOS code and converts to the Windows codepages.

No - data sends in correct code and converting is not required.