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  • Appendix 7. How to integrate a new POS-terminal into POS Intellect

Documentation for POS Intellect 5.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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If a new POS-terminal is to be integrated into POS Intellect, then provide AxxonSoft with essential information on this POS-terminal. Follow these steps to gather such information:

  1. Check if a POS-terminal supports data transmission over Ethernet or via the COM port. This information can be found on the official website of POS terminal manufacturer or in the documentation.
  2. If the POS-terminal supports data transmission over Ethernet or via the COM port, then install Axxon Intellect on the computer and then install POS Intellect.
  3. Connect the POS terminal to this computer.
  4. Run POS Intellect.
  5. Create a POS-terminal object and set up the connection between POS-terminal and POS Intellect – see Selecting the type of POS-terminal and setting the connection parameters.


    The type of POS terminal is to be By default.
  6. Shut down POS Intellect.
  7. Enable logging – see Enabling and disabling the logging function.
  8. Run POS Intellect.
  9. Start using the POS-terminal, i.e. issuing receipts. It is highly recommended to do all the operations including Cancel, Return, etc.

After doing all the operations on the POS-terminal, send the log file with copies of receipts to AxxonSoft.


Location of log file can be found when enabling logging (see step 7 above as well as Viewing log files section).  


If the log file of POS-terminal is to be processed in software, then provide AxxonSoft with protocol description. POS-terminal manufacturer can give this information.
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