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Documentation for Axxon Next 4.5.0. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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To configure privacy masking, do the following:

  1. If the camera supports multistreaming, select the stream for which detection is needed (1). 
  2. Select a processing resource for decoding video streams (2). When you select a GPU, a stand-alone graphics card takes priority (when decoding with NVidia NVDEC chips). If there's no appropriate GPU, the decoding will use the Intel Quick Sync Video technology. Otherwise, CPU resources will be used for decoding.
  3. Select the processor for the neural network - CPU, one of GPUs, or Intel processors (3, see Hardware requirements for neural analytics operation).


    If you specify other processing resource than the CPU, this device will carry the most of computing load. However, the detection tool will consume CPU as well.

  4. Select the segmenting neural network file (4).


    To access the neural network, contact technical support https://support.axxonsoft.com/.

  5. Set the interval between the analyzed frames - Number of frames for analysis -  in milliseconds (5). The value should be within the range of 30 – 10,000.
  6. Select Yes for all body parts that should be masked within FoV.
  7. Click Apply.

Privacy mask configuration is now complete. Selected body parts of all individuals within FoV will be hidden from view.

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