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Documentation for Axxon Next 4.5.0. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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AxxonSoft releases updated version of Axxon Next 4.5.0 bringing a number of new features and improvements.

New features in build

  1. Added hardware video decoding using the NVDEC chip on NVIDIA graphics cards 
  2. The device geodata can now be set when it is added to the configuration using a CSV file 

What’s New in Axxon Next 4.5.0:

  1. Implemented the system self-diagnostics service 
  2. You can now use macros to set FPS values for recording
  3. Added a new "dynamic" special layout 
  4. Closed captions option is now available.
  5. You can now sort cameras on Object Panel by short name 
  6. You can now allow users to edit shared layouts 
  7. While sharing a layout, you can now specify a time zone when the layout is available 
  8. A privacy mask can now be set to a "black matte" or "pixelated" type 
  9. You can now mark cameras to include them in a special layout on Objects Panel 
  10. A recognized face can now be exported directly from a captured frame 
  11. You can now monitor which objects are consuming the license in your system 
  12. When you set up a failover system, you can now add users before you create a new cluster 
  13. You can now export all videos of an event into a single file 
  14. The PostgreSQL default port number is now set to 20110.


    If you upgrade your system from a previous version, the old port number is preserved.

IP device support

The release includes Drivers Pack 3.68 for IP devices support. Detailed information about the Drivers Pack, where to find the latest set of drivers, and the list of supported hardware is available at http://www.axxonsoft.com/integrated_security_solutions/supported_ip.php


The release includes the Axxon Next DetectorPack 3.4.0 drivers package (see DetectorPack 3.4.0 Release Notes). Download installer packages from the following page: https://axxonsoft.com/resources/downloads/detector-pack.php.

Downloads and licensing

The Axxon Next installer includes both the client and server components. The client can be installed on a computer together with the server, or installed on a separate dedicated client workstation. There is no limit on the total number of servers and clients in a system.

5 Axxon Next license types are available: demo mode with limited operating hours, free version and 3 types of paid licenses (Start, Professional and Universe). Data on all the types of Axxon Next licenses is given on the page.

Free version supports 1 server, 4 video streams, unlimited archive as well as unlimited number of clients.

Learn more about Axxon Next on the product page at http://www.axxonsoft.com/products/axxon_next/

Updating from previous versions

Please upgrade to 4.5.0 version from 4.4.2 version (see Release Notes Axxon Next 4.4.2). To do this, run the installer of the new version and select the existing configuration during the installation. Deinstallation of the previous version is not required.

If you have an earlier version installed, please perform a step-by-step upgrade: 3.6.4. → 4.1.0 → 4.3.2 → 4.4.2 → 4.5.0.


After you update to version 4.5.0, it is necessary to reconfigure all filters for the Events boards (see Configuring Events Boards).

Product documentation

System Requirements

Axxon Next Installation Guide

Axxon Next Activation Guide

Axxon Next Quick Start Guide

Complete Axxon Next 4.5.0 Documentation

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