Documentation for Axxon Next 4.3.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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You can create a distributed system within an Axxon Domain on Axxon Next.

Axxon Domain – a selected group of computers on which the server configuration of the Axxon Next software package is installed. Linking the servers in a group makes it possible to set up interaction between them, thus organizing a distributed system.

Only servers which belong to the same Axxon Domain can interact.

A distributed security system based on the Axxon Next software package offers the user the following functional capabilities:

  1. Viewing and manual processing of video and audio data from several servers on one client
  2. Controlling video cameras connected to various servers from one client
  3. Configuring all servers of the distributed system on one client
  4. Execution of automatic responses when detection tools are triggered (audio notification, triggering of relays, SMS and e-mail notification, etc.) within the distributed system.


If a Server is not accessible by NetBiosName or some TCP and UDP ports are closed, it is possible to build a distributed security system on a virtual private network (VPN). For example, with the help of OpenVPN. Detailed information on OpenVPN and examples of virtual private network configuration are given in the official documentation.

Suppose, the Server relies on a defined port range (see Installation), and you want to set up a surveillance system based on several networks. You do not have to use VPN in that case. Use port forwarding instead.

Axxon Domain configuration is described in detail in the section titled Configuring Axxon domains.