Documentation for Axxon Next 4.3.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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By the date the documentation in created, the Axxon Next software package includes integrated analytics for multiple video cameras (see Drivers Pack release notes).

If Axxon Next supports built-in analytics for a device, then detectors can be created (see Creating Detection Tools).


Some devices may have issues with interdependent embedded analytics. If there is already a relevant detection tool in Axxon Next, you can add another one, but it will not work.

Axxon Next is also able to obtain metadata directly from certain video cameras. For example, metadata can be received from a Bosch IVA system.

To receive metadata from a Bosch IVA, you need to create an IVA object and select Yes in the Record objects tracking list.


The VMS can process ANPR data from some cameras' on-board analytics.

Generally, when configuring the embedded analytics you must follow official documentation for the corresponding video camera or parameter description in the Axxon Next interface.

If the camera supports Motion Mask, then when you configure VMD, it will be displayed in the preview window.

If there is motion, but it does not exceed the threshold value (because of the detection sensitivity), the mask cells are colored green. If motion triggers VMD, the cells turn red.