Documentation for Axxon Next 4.2.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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To configure Record to archive:

  1. Selecting a camera or group of cameras for recording (1). An implicit selection of a video camera is also allowed - Camera that initiated command execution.


    If the start of the macro was triggered by the activation of input or output (see Configuring filters for event-driven macros) that is not connected to any camera, you need to select a specific camera here. If you select a group of cameras or a camera that triggered the command, the action will not start.

  2. Select an archive to write to (2).       
  3. Configuring conditions that end recording. Recording may be stopped:

    • In a given time (3, no IF events are specified)
    • when the specified IF events occur (4, no time is specified)
    • In a given time (3) after any of the selected IF events occur (4).


      An implicit selection of an event is allowed - Last event for condition that initiated execution.

      For example, if the event that triggered the execution of the command was the Start time of detection tool trigger from any type of detection tools, then the end event will be the End time of detection tool trigger from the same tool.

  4. Set the pre-alarm recording time (5). The maximum pre-alarm recording time is 30 seconds.


By default, the pre-alarm recording time interval is set to the value specified in Archive settings. Changing this value with a specific macro does not affect the Archive settings (see Binding a camera to an archive).

Example: A macro-command to initiate VMD-triggered recording to the Archive from any camera within Default Axxon domain.

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