Documentation for Axxon Next 4.2.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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You can get audio from x64 Server only.

Get archive stream from default archive

GET http://IP-Address:port/prefix/archive/media/VIDEOSOURCEID/STARTTIME?parameters,


  • VIDEOSOURCEID - three-component source endpoint ID (see Get list of video sources (cameras)). For instance, "SERVER1/DeviceIpint.3/".
  • STARTTIME - time in ISO format.


Set the timezone to UTC+0


speed – playback speed, values can be negative.

format - parameter values are 'mjpeg', 'rtsp or 'hls'. If the format is not specified, 'rtsp' is selected or it is not recognized, then the native format is selected by server to prevent additional encoding. If the native format is not supported by client, server selects WebM.

If neither of parameters is specified, the speed is equal to 0, JPEG format is selected and the request is handled as a request to review video footage by frames.

id – unique identifier of archive stream (optional). It is used to get stream info or control the stream.

w – frame width.

h – frame height.

fr - fps.


This parameter is relevant only for MJPEG video.

Sample request:

GET http://IP-Address:port/prefix/archive/media/HOSTNAME/DeviceIpint.23/

Assign ID to the stream to receive information about this stream.


It is possible to use other values consisting of latin letters and digits. It is recommended to use the uuid function (see Get unique identifier).


HLS archive video becomes available in 30 seconds after getting the response

Sample response:

{"description":"RTP/UDP or RTP/RTSP/TCP","path":"archive/hosts/HOSTNAME/DeviceIpint.1/","port":"554"}

Get archive stream from specific archive

GET http://IP-Address:port/prefix/archive/media/VIDEOSOURCEID/STARTTIME?parameters&archive=hosts/SERVER1/MultimediaStorage.Archive_Name/MultimediaStorage

RTSP archive video

GET rtsp://login:password@IP-Address:554/archive/hosts/SERVER1/DeviceIpint.0/

Speed parametr is mandatory

HTTP archive video 

GET ffplay.exe -v debug "http://login:password@IP-Address:80/asip-api/archive/media/SERVER1/DeviceIpint.4/"

Tunneling RTSP over HTTP

see Configure tunneling RTSP over HTTP in VLC.

GET ffplay -rtsp_transport http "rtsp://login:password@IP-Address:8554/rtspproxy/archive/hosts/SERVER1/DeviceIpint.4/"

For VLC: GET rtsp://login:password@IP-Address:8554/rtspproxy/archive/hosts/SERVER1/DeviceIpint.4/

H.264 archive video

To get H.264 archive video use RTSP protocol:

GET rtsp://login:password@IP-Address:554/archive/hosts/SERVER1/DeviceIpint.4/

or tunneling RTSP over HTTP:

GET rtsp://login:password@IP-Address:80/rtspproxy/archive/hosts/SERVER1/DeviceIpint.4/

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