Documentation for Axxon Next 4.2.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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You can export snapshots at any time when working with a camera in Axxon Next.

To export a snapshot:

  1. If exporting from archive mode or archive analysis mode, specify an export area and mask if necessary (see the Configuring export area and masks section).
  2. In the viewing tile, in the upper-right corner, click the  button. 


     To instantly export a frame with standard settings, right-click the button.

  3. Specify the folder to which you want to export the snapshot (1).


    By default, snapshots are exported to the folder specified in the export settings (see the Configuring export section).

  4. Select the date and time for a snapshot (2). The default setting is the frame currently displayed in the viewing tile. If you are watching recorded video, then the snapshot with the frame displayed at the time when you hit the button


    If you are watching live video, then the snapshot with the frame displayed at the time when you hit the button. Date and time fields are not displayed.

  5. Select the snapshot format: PDF or JPG (3).
  6. If you want to export a snapshot to an encrypted zip archive, set a password (4).


    This setting may be overridden by the user role settings (see Creating and configuring roles).

  7. If exporting a snapshot to PDF format, you can add comments (5).
  8. To export unmasked frames from the Video Footage, the user must have appropriate access rights. To perform such an export, check the View Masked Video box (6).

  9. If exporting to PDF, you can immediately send the file to print (7). In this case, the snapshot is not saved to disk.
  10. To export the snapshot, click the corresponding button (8).

Export begins. Progress is shown in the export panel (see the Viewing export progress section).

Export of the frame is now complete. The frame exported to JPG  will also be placed on the Clipboard.