Documentation for Axxon Next 4.2.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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In Axxon Next, every user has permissions based on their role.

By default, there is one role (admin) and one user (root). The root user belongs to the admin role and has rights to configure all components of the video surveillance system. To add a user with individual permissions, create a new role with the necessary permissions and then create a new user account.


Only admin  users can create other admin role users.

Roles and users can be added and configured in Settings, on the Users tab.

There are two types of users: local (stored in the Server database) and LDAP (see Connecting LDAP users).

To enable LDAP users, you must configure access to LDAP catalogs.

The actions of all system users are recorded in the system log (see The System Log).


The following user actions are logged:

  • Client started/quit
  • Settings for hardware, archive, or detection tool are deleted/added or changed
  • Macros are created, deleted, or changed
  • User permissions are added, deleted, or changed
  • Camera alarm is initiated
  • Camera is armed/disarmed
  • Snapshot or video is exported

In all user-specific events, the user IP address is indicated. If the user logs in to the server, the MAC-address of the client is also indicated.

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