Documentation for Axxon Next 4.2.2. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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To configure face detection tools, do as follows:

  1. Set the general Facial Recognition parameters.
  2. Configure  a particular detection tool.

To configure shared Facial Recognition parameters, do as follows:

  1. Select the Facial Recognition object (1). 
  2. If you need to enable recording of metadata, select Yes from the Record Objects tracking list (2).
  3. If a camera supports multistreaming, select the stream for which detection is needed (3). Selecting a low-quality video stream allows reducing the load on the Server.
  4. If you need to save age and gender information for each recognized face, select Yes in the corresponding field (1, see Facial recognition (FR)). 

  5. In some cases, the detection tool may take other object for a face. To filter out non-facial objects, select Yes in the False Detection Filtering field while calculating the vector model of a face and its recording into the metadata DB (2). If the filtering is on, false results will appear in the detection feed but will be ignored during searches in Archive.

  6. By default, the frame is compressed to 1920 pixels on the longer side. To avoid detection errors on streams with a higher resolution, it is recommended that compression be reduced (3).
  7. Specify the minimum and maximum sizes of detectable faces in % of the frame size (4). 

  8. Set the face authenticity threshold required to activate the detector (5). The value is specified empirically in the range of [1, 100]. The higher this value, the fewer faces will be recognized, but the detection quality will be higher.

  9. Set the time (in milliseconds) between face search operations in a video frame in the Period of face search field (6). Acceptable values range: [1, 10000]. Increasing this value decreases the Server load, but can result in some faces being missed. 

  10. Enter the time in milliseconds after which the face track is considered to be lost in the Track loss time field (7). Acceptable values range: [1, 10000]. This parameter applies when a face moves in a frame and gets obscured by an obstacle for some time. If this time is less than the set value, the face will be recognized as the same.

  11. Select a rectangular area to be searched for faces in the preview window. To select the area, move the intersection points .

  12. Click the Apply button.

Configuration of general parameters for Facial Recognition is now complete.

To configure detection, you should set the following parameters:

  1. Select a detection tool object (1).
  2. Set a color or color group  for object detection (2).  This is similar to the situation analysis configuration (see Configuring Detected Object Color).
  3. When configuring the Loitering detection tool, you should set the maximum time an object can stay in the zone. When the maximum time is exceeded, the detection tool is triggered (3). This value should be in the range [0, 3600].
  4. Set an area inside FoV for detection. This is similar to the situation analysis configuration (see Configuring the Detection Zone).
  5. Click the Apply button.

You have configured Facial Recognition now.

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