Documentation for Axxon Next 4.1. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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AxxonSoft releases updated version of Axxon Next 4.1 bringing a number of new features and improvements.

What’s New in Axxon Next 4.1

  1. FailOver mode has been added 
  2. Archive search results can be viewed in the TimeCompressor mode 
  3. The alarm object is now framed red in the archive search results 

  4. Smoke detection has been integrated 
  5. Fire detection has been integrated 
  6. When configuring smoke and fire detection tools, the scale for sensitivity setting visualization is shown in the preview window 
  7. When adding a camera to configurations, default record to archive mode is by motion 
  8. When configuring the Motion detection the Motion Mask is displayed in the preview window for the sensitivity visualization 
  9. Parameters of situation analysis detection tools – detection zones, ignoring zones, lines - are now displayed along with object tracking when viewing video in real time 
  10. It is now possible to display all the faces that were recognized 
  11. IntelliVision LPR detection has been integrated 
  12. License plates of Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Norway, France, Kenya and Ethiopia can now be recognized 
  13. The quality of license plate recognition in bad weather conditions (raining, snowing) has been improved 
  14. Several countries (up to 5 at the same time) can now be set for license plate recognition 
  15. The Tag&Track Lite feature can be used in the archive mode: when the object is selected, there is the switch to the camera archive where it must appear and playback starts since that exact moment 
  16. New Tag&Track Pro operation mode has been added - now operator can control PTZ device 
  17. Tag&Track mechanism has been updated: it is now possible to set parameters that enable smooth rotation of PTZ device when the object is moving 
  18. GreenStream logic has been changed: now when the viewing tile is selected, there is no auto switch to the high-quality stream (it is performed in the “Auto” mode only) 
  19. The watermark can now be added to exported frames and video recordings 
  20. It is now possible to automatically copy the archive (video, audio alarms) and events from cameras of local Servers that are not in the same Axxon domain with the central Server 
  21. Cloud service AxxonNet has been improved: 
    1. new interface;
    2. exported frames and videos can now be viewed;
    3. users and roles can now be created;
    4. storing license files.
  22. Macros have been improved:
    1. The start/stop layout slideshow on the Operator monitor actions has been added 
    2. Video frames and recordings can be exported to NAS
    3. Using macros it is now possible to check if there is an archive on specified cameras over specific time 
    4. Replication start action has been added 
    5. Switch to the saved forensic search results has been 
    6. In macros it is now possible to switch to the layout with video cameras in the archive mode 
    7. In macros it is now possible to transmit sound from the Client's microphone to the Server's speaker 
    8. Macros can be run using hot keys 
    9. Macros can now be run by the “Server connected” and “Server disconnected” events 
    10. The offset can now be set for exported video attached to e-mail for the E-mail notification action 
    11. Sound notification can now be disabled when the specified event is received 
    12. The role (for users of which the program will be started) can now be selected in the Start external program on client action 
    13. In the Voice notification in macros it is now possible to select the group of users (role) on Clients of which there will be system loudspeaker notification 
  23. The Channel system object has been added. The Sensor and Relay objects are now child objects of the Channel object 
  24. Basic video detection tools performance has been improved 
  25. It is now possible to change the background of titles in the video surveillance window, if the specified word appears in the titles 
  26. Special layout with alarm cameras has been improved: number of cells on the layout can be changed; layouts can be selected – cameras from then will get to the special layout 
  27. The Arm in private mode state has been added for cameras. In this state cameras are not available for users with Live in armed mode restricted access 
  28. Switch between cameras using hot keys has been enabled 
  29. Archive fast-forward using the horizontal timeline has been added 
  30. The archive settings tab is displayed at the first start of the Client. When the archive has been created auto switch to the IP Wizard is performed.
  31. It is now possible to install PostgreSQL database server in the user-selected folder 

  32. When adding to the system an IP device supporting multistreaming, the stream with higher resolution becomes high quality stream 
  33. Cameras with the non-integrated firmware are now displayed in “yellow” group while search is performed 

  34. Configuration of auto connection to several Axxon domains can now be saved and loaded 
  35. At first connection to the main domain is performed when connecting to several Axxon domains. Connection to the rest of domains is performed in the background mode 
  36. Layouts of all domains are available when using several Axxon domains 

  37. HTTP API has been improved 

IP device support

The release includes Drivers Pack 3.50 for IP devices support. Detailed information about the Drivers Pack, where to find the latest set of drivers, and the list of supported hardware is available on the following page:

Downloads and licensing

The Axxon Next installer includes both the client and server components. The client can be installed on a computer together with the server, or installed on a separate dedicated client workstation. There is no limit on the total number of servers and clients in a system.

5 Axxon Next license types are available: demo mode with limited operating hours, free version and 3 types of paid licenses (Start, Professional and Universe). Data on all the types of Axxon Next licenses is given on the page.

Free version supports 1 server, 4 video streams, unlimited archive as well as unlimited number of clients.

Learn more about Axxon Next on the product page at

Updating from previous versions

To update to version 4.1 one should start the installation wizard and install the product (selecting the configuration). Deinstallation of the previous version is not required.


Pay attention to these features when updating from version 3.6 to 4.1:

  1. (error) Auto rules, as well as the E-mail and SMS objects are not migrated to a new version.
  2. (error) System log events are not migrated.
  3. Detection zones are to be configured for detection tools. (error) In some cases some detection tools are not migrated to a new version.
  4. The key frame scaling is set in the archive settings for cameras streaming H.264.
  5. Select the video folder once again for virtual cameras.


  1. When updating from version and earlier detection zones are to be configured for motion detection tools. In version 4.1 by default the whole frame is considered as detection zone and zones created previously become “masks”, i.e. zones in which detection cannot be performed.
  2. Specified range of ports for working with Server and its alternative address are not saved while updating from version and earlier. Make this setting once again.
  3. After updating DetectorPack version and earlier to version and later, the face search is available only in the part of the archive that was recorded after the update.

Product documentation

System Requirements

Axxon Next Installation Guide

Axxon Next Activation Guide

Axxon Next Quick Start Guide

Complete Axxon Next 4.0 Documentation

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